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Clay Mates - registration opens November 6th.

Start date: January 8th and January 10th for Queen I and II.


Queen League - registration opens November 9th.

Start date: January 10th.


Singles League - registration opens November 10th.

Start date - week of January 13th for all levels.


Men's League - registration opens November 20th.

Start date: January 20th.


Mixed Doubles - registration opens on January 31st.

Start date: March 27th.



What is Palm Tennis?

Palm Tennis is a premier tennis organization whose mission is to promote tennis in the South Florida area. Our focus is helping players/teams facilitate competitive games that are suitable for their individual level.

Palm Tennis will be setting up schedules for all the tennis that YOU want to play: leagues, ladders, mixers and more.

Orly Mayron
League Coordinator
Phone: (561) 212-1641
Ann Bent
League Coordinator
Phone: (561) 289-2299