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A message from the Palm One Liaison Kathy Johnston:

Hi Everyone,

I want to welcome you and thank you for helping to make the Palm One division of Palm Tennis possible.  Our goal was to continue playing our matches on Tuesdays.  Some of you were D 1 on PBCWTA and some of you are new.  We were hoping for more teams but some interested clubs could not field 6 doubles positions.  I am hopeful that this league will grow and by next season we will have lots of competition.  We will mostly follow the PBCWTA rules but we will remain open to any suggestions to make this a fun competitive league.  WE are the rule makers which means any suggestions will be sent to the captains for their review.  And WE  vote.

Since we have two new clubs this season, I think the need to go over lineup positions is important.  I hope you all agree that we position our strongest players  (A1 and Open) in the top lines. This makes for more competitive matches.   Also, the movement rule we all know should apply.  This means that an individual may not move more than 2 positions from one week to the next week.  If partners stay together they can only move one position from week to week. 

For those of you familiar with the Palm League you know that the ladies that facilitate it are there for us.  They are very helpful and eager to make us happy and relaxed so that we can enjoy the game of tennis and enjoy socializing with other clubs.  Again, WE make the rules.

Our first match begins on Tuesday, November 6th at 10:00 am.  If you are a home team please contact your visiting team’s captain with any information that you think they may need.

Thank you all again.  See you on the courts!    Kathryn Johnston ~  email:      cell: 561-222-8916

Orly Mayron
League Coordinator
Phone: (561) 212-1641
Ann Bent
League Coordinator
Phone: (561) 289-2299